Here you will be able to select the plans you'd like included within your group's proposal from the list of eligible options. Plans will automatically populate from the lowest to the highest monthly premium.

Moving between Products:

You can move between the product options tabs at the top of the page to select plans for medical, dental, vision, and other ancillary products.

For more information on Ancillary Quoting, click below!

Filtering and Selecting Plans:

Narrow your selection using the filter buttons and sliders on the left-hand side of the search bar to find a particular plan by name or id number. Add plans to your proposal by selecting the checkbox in the top right of the plan or selecting the blue "Add" button at the bottom of the baseball card view. If you are quoting multiple current plans, you can use the drop-down menu at the top to navigate between each option group. Click "Next" when you are finished to move on to Step 4.

Plan Options Tool

Navigating the Plan Options:

For medical quoting, you can utilize our 'Plan Options' tool to compare each option group side-by-side, as well as auto-select plans for each option group. You can compare and add to your option groups by clicking the blue 'Plan Options' tool at the top of Step 3. This takes you to the Option Group Plan Summaries page:

Auto-selecting Plans:

To begin auto-selecting plans for your group, click the blue "Automatically select plans" button and indicate if you want to see renewal and/or comparable plans.

When selecting to show comparable plans, you can narrow down your results using criteria such as the same metal tier, same network type, or similar benefits like individual deductible and individual max OOP. Check the box for each filter you would like to apply when auto-selecting plans for your group. When you're ready to add the plans to your quote, click "Select Plans."

* NOTE * Renewal plans are automatically selected based on a current plan's mapped renewal provided by the carrier.

Reviewing your Auto-selected Plans:

Renewal plans will appear in green next to each option group's current plan, followed by alternate options. You can browse your option group's plans by clicking the arrow buttons on each option group section's left and right-hand sides. You can also expand each Option group's plans by clicking the "Expand" button at the top of each option group row.

*Note* To start fresh with your new plan criteria, click the 'Replace All Existing Selected Plans' checkbox, then the "Select Plans" button. This will remove any old plans that don't meet the new criteria and add any new ones that meet the adjusted criteria.

Edit Plans within an Option Group:

If you would like to remove or add additional plans to an option group, click the pencil icon next to that option group.

This will bring you back to the main plan election page, where you can sort, filter, and search for additional plan options as expected.

You can use the "Show Only Selected" button at the bottom of your filters on the left-hand side to see only the selected plans within your quote.

Once you have finished selecting and editing plans for each option group, click "Next" to move on to Step 4.

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