Benefix has made it simple and efficient to enroll with multiple carriers at once! You can complete a Multi-Carrier Enrollment the same way with just a few small differences to our Single-Carrier Enrollment!

1. Once your small group has finalized their plan elections and employer contribution, head to Step 4 of their quote.

2. Here, you'll hover over each of the plans your group would like to enroll in, then click the "Enroll" checkbox.

*NOTE* This can be done for multiple plans of multiple types.

3. Once all of the desired plans have been selected, click "Enroll Now."

This takes you to your Enrollment Portal, where the remainder of the process is the same as a single carrier Enrollment.

Click here for our article on how to enroll!

*NOTE* The Employee and Group applications will include all requirements for all carriers involved in the enrollment.

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