Before you present a quote to your client, customize your proposal in a way that works best for everyone. Adjust plans and pages with just a few clicks each time, or choose from preset templates.

Choose a Proposal Format

Once you have completed your quote and are ready to create your proposal, first choose one of the available format options. Next, click on the coordinating dropdown arrow and select "Proposal Settings" to begin customizing your proposal.

*NOTE* If you already generated a proposal, you will need to select 'Discard Proposal' before the Proposal Settings button is available.

At the top of the configure menu, you're able to pick which preset template you'd like to use by selecting it from the dropdown list.

If no modifications are needed, click below to skip ahead in this article to learn how to finish the generation sequence:

Modify Your Proposal

After selecting your preset template, you can make further modifications to your report in a few ways:

  • Select which pages of the report you'd like to generate by toggling the sheet's Show/Hide switch

  • Choose how many plans you'd like to appear on one page by entering the desired number under "Max Plans Per Sheet"

  • Choose to show the Current and Renewal plans on every page or just once by toggling the Yes/No switch

  • In a census output, choose between showing all members of a group or just the relevant option group members by toggling the Yes/No switch

  • Switch the coinsurance values to reflect the perspective of what the member pays or plan/carrier pays from the coordinating dropdown list

Once you've made your desired changes, you're ready to generate and download your proposal!

Generating Your Proposal

To generate and download your proposal 'as is' or just one time with the modified changes, click the "Generate Proposal" button.

- Or -

To save your changes and create a new preset template, click the "Save Changes and Generate" button. You will then be prompted to name your new proposal template. Once named, click "Confirm" to save and generate your proposal.

Once the proposal is done generating, click on the main proposal button to download the Excel file.

To generate a PDF, click the dropdown arrow of your proposal format and choose "Generate PDF." Once complete, click on the main proposal button to download your PDF.

* NOTE * Once you begin generating your proposal, it will continue to generate even if you leave the webpage. If you need to visit another page on the Benefix platform, the proposal will be available for you to download once you have returned.

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