With Benefix, you're easily able to complete and upload your enrollment census in just a few simple steps!

To streamline the process of inviting employees through enrollment, Benefix offers the ability to bulk upload the data required by the carrier with an easy-to-use template!

The custom enrollment census template is available for download in the "Employee Application" section of your group's enrollment! Click the blue "Download Census" button at the top of your list of employees.

Enter your census information into the template by filling out the indicated columns. These headers are specific to each carrier based on their requirements.

After you've verified your file is ready to go, head to the Employee Application section of the Enrollment Checklist and click the white "Upload Census" button at the bottom of your list of employees. Select the cloud icon to choose the correct file from your computer, and then click "Upload" to import your census.

Once uploaded, you're ready to invite these employees to enroll on Benefix!


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