A high-quality proposal is critical in providing stand-out service to your clients. Benefix makes this simple with our easy-to-read, customizable proposals. Get comfortable with the layout of the Benefix multi-option proposal, so you can continue giving your clients the quality guidance they deserve.

Cover Page

The first page of your proposal will be the cover page. This page provides you with a summary of the quote information, such as group name, effective date, SIC code, number of employees, and your basic contact information.

Medical Scenario Builder Page

Navigating toward the bottom of your proposal, you’ll see a "Medical Scenario Builder" tab, as well as individual tabs for plan and census details for each option group in your quote. The Scenario Builder tab will include your group’s current plan, renewal plan, and an additional column for each carrier whose plans you’ve included within your proposal.

Bundle Your Plans

If you’ve quoted multiple plans from the same carrier, you’re able to select which plan you would like to show on your Scenario Builder page. This feature allows you to “bundle” different plan options that you’d like highlighted for your small group.

  • First, you’ll want to click the plan name box within a carrier column.

  • Next, click the drop down arrow to display all of the other plans you’ve included from that specific carrier.

  • Click on the plan that you’d like to show on your Scenario Builder page and you will see the benefit and cost information automatically reflected.

  • This feature can also be used to select which carrier you'd like to see within a column.

*NOTE* This feature is only available in Excel format. If you'd like to utilize the bundling feature but present your final proposal as a PDF file, please download the Excel format first and when finished, convert your file to a PDF.

Medical Tabs

Detailed plan information is organized into separate tabs of the spreadsheet by option group, followed by any ancillary products you've included within your quote. Depending on the number of plans you’ve added, you may have more than one tab for each option group.

Each tab will include the current and renewal plans for that option group, followed by any alternate options.

The carriers and plan names are shown at the top of each column, and plan details will be listed below.

If you'd like to view the full list of plan benefits, you can utilize the blue "PDF" button under each plan's name to bring up the SBC and/or SOB.

To view a plan's age-banded and/or composite rates, click on the premium amount highlighted in blue. This takes you to the plan's Rate Breakdown Page.

When multi-option quoting, the census details are broken up into different tabs for each option group. Depending on the number of plans in your quote, they will be broken up into multiple tabs in the same way that the plan details tabs are. Within each census tab, you will see composite rates, age-banded rates, family rates, and both employer and employee contribution amounts.

*NOTE* The rate for each census member will populate for all plans, regardless of option group, in order to provide transparency. The total premium only reflects the total rate of each member who has been assigned to that option group.

Now that you have a thorough understanding of the Benefix multi-option proposal proposal, you're ready to share with your clients!

*Please note that the features & general layout shown above are for the Benefix standard horizontal multi-option proposal in Excel format. If your brokerage uses a custom proposal, these features & layout may vary.


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