With Benefix, completing your small group’s multi-option census can be done in just a few minutes! Our custom census template is available for direct download here, as well as in Step 2 of the quoting process.

Enter your census information into the template by using the accepted format detailed below:

1. ID (required)
- We use this number to connect a subscriber with their members. For example, the "Doe Family" would all have the same "ID" number.

2. date_of_birth (required)
- yyyy-mm-dd, yyyy/mm/dd, mm/dd/yyyy, mm-dd-yyyy, mm/dd/yy and mm-dd-yy

3. first_name
- Type their first name in this column.

4. last_name
- Type their last name in this column.

5. gender
- male or M
- female or F

6. zip_code
- Type your subscriber's zip code here. If you don't enter a zip code for a subscriber, Benefix will automatically assign them the zip code of the group location.

7. subscriber_relationship (required)
- subscriber, employee, E, EE
- spouse, wife, husband, domestic partner, H, W, SP
- dependent, child, D, C, CH

8. status
- full-time, full_time, full time, FT
- part-time, part_time, part time, PT
- cobra

9. option_group
Depending upon how many options you are providing your group, put the option number the subscriber is assigned to here.

*TIP* You can assign option group numbers based on your preferred method. To make option group numbers easy to remember, we suggest designating option group 1 as the lowest plan option, option group 2 as the next highest plan option, and so forth.

10. coverage_tier
- EE, Employee, Employee Only, S
- ES, EE-S, EES, Employee Spouse, Employee + Spouse, Employee & Spouse, Employee and Spouse
- EC, EE-CH, EECH, Employee Child, Employee + Child, Employee & Child, Employee and Child
- ECN, EE-CN, EECN, Employee Children, Employee + Children, Employee & Children, Employee and Children
- F, EF, EE-F, EEF, Family, Employee Family, Employee + Family
- W, Waiver, Waiving

11. tobacco OR tobacco_use
- Yes, Y, True, 1
- No, N, False, 0

12. eligibility_qualifier: this is an optional column if you have a dependent over the age of 25.
- Student, S
- Disabled, Handicapped, D, H
- Other, Act 4

13. county

- This is an optional column if a subscriber has an ambiguous zip code that falls within two different counties, which can affect subscriber eligibility for certain carriers. Enter their county of residence here.

14. salary

- Enter a numeric value.

*NOTE* The Help tab of the template is available if you need additional guidance on how to complete your small group's census. Here, you'll find a detailed list of all available headers and accepted values.

Once your template is complete with all required information and correct formatting, you're ready to save the file to your device and upload it to the Benefix platform!


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