With Benefix, you're easily able to quote level-funded plans for your small group.

Before you begin quoting these products, there are a few required pieces of information you'll need to include within your quote:

• SIC code
• Genders for all census members
• Level-funded filter box is checked

First, you'll want to make sure you indicate an SIC code for your small group. Without an SIC code, you won't be able to see level-funded plans within Step 3.

You'll also want to make sure you indicate genders for each of your census members. If any of your census members are missing gender information, you will see the below message within Step 2.

Once you've verified this information is included within your quote, you're ready to begin the plan selection process. By default, fully insured plans are shown in Step 3. To view level-funded plans, make sure you select the "Level-Funded Only" button within the filter options on the left-hand side. All level-funded plan options will show in blue.

In some states, we provide illustrative rates for Aetna AFA & UHC All Savers products. These rates are calculated directly within the carrier portal. To view a specific plan's tiered rates, click on the premium amount of the plan.

Entering Tiered Rates

For states and carriers where we're not able to provide illustrative rates, you're able to enter rates for each plan within Step 4 of the quoting process. Click the "Manage Tiered Plan Rates" button & enter the rates for each tier of any particular plan. Click "Save" when you're finished.

*TIP* In order to see the new total premium reflected within the plan list, be sure to refresh the page after clicking save.

Once you've entered in rates for any level-funded products within your quote, you're ready to download, view and share your proposal with your small group.

For more information on quoting UnitedHealthcare AllSavers or Aetna AFA plans, click the buttons below!

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