Benefix makes it incredibly simple and efficient to begin quoting for your small groups! In just four steps, you're able to create groups, upload census information, select the right plans for each group, and generate proposals.

Step 1: Start Quote

1. In your dashboard, select “New Quote.”

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2. In the “Select Group” box, click on the blue button that says, “+ New Group.”

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3. Here you will fill in your group's information, including name and location. Although not required, some ancillary and level-funded carriers will not be available if an SIC code is not provided. The number of pay periods per year is also optional, but useful if you would like to include that information within your proposal.

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*NOTE* Some zip codes will fall under multiple counties. To avoid eligibility issues, you must select the correct county of residence for your group.

4. Within the first step of the quoting process, you will also select your group's effective date and name your quote accordingly. Click "Next" to continue.

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Step 2: Enter Census

With Benefix, you have several options for uploading census information. If you'd like to save time, you can include minimum information by using our "Quick Add" feature to input a subscriber's zip code and date of birth, as well as a spouse and/or any dependents they may have. If you'd prefer to include more detailed information, you're able to either manually add members or upload your census information.

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*NOTE* If you are quoting in New York, you can use "Quick Add" for group size.

1. To manually add members to your census, start by clicking the "+Employee" button. Here, you can add details such as name, physical address, employment information, voluntary elections, and more. To add a spouse and/or any dependents a subscriber may have, repeat the process by clicking the "+Spouse/Domestic Partner" and "+Dependent" buttons respectively.

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2. If you'd prefer to upload your census information, first click the blue "Upload Census" button. Next, select the cloud icon and choose the correct file from your computer. If you're uploading a new census, you'll want to click the blue "Upload" button to input your census into Benefix. If you're simply adding to your existing census or replacing it entirely, you'll want to click "Upload & Add" or "Upload & Replace" respectively.

*NOTE* If you have more than one sheet within your file, you will be prompted to choose the sheet you would like to input.

For more information on how to complete your census, click the link to view this help center article!

How to Complete the Single-Option Census

Step 3: Select Plans

1. Here you will be able to select the plans you'd like included within your group's proposal from the list of eligible options. Plans will automatically populate from lowest to highest monthly premium. Move between the product option tabs at the top of the page to select plans for medical, dental, vision and other ancillary products.

2. Narrow your selection by using the filter buttons and sliders on the left-hand side or utilize the search bar to find a particular plan by name or id number. Add plans to your proposal by selecting the checkbox in the top right of the plan or by selecting the blue “Add" button at the bottom of the baseball card view. Click "Next" when you are finished.

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Step 4: Quote Summary

1. The final step of the quoting process is the quote summary. Here you're able to verify your quote details, include employer contribution and current/renewal plans, and generate your proposal.

2. At the top of the quote summary, you're able to view your quote details, such as effective date, company name, and member count.

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3. Further down the page, you have the option to add in your employer contribution for medical, dental, & vision products. For more information regarding this feature, click the link below to view our help center article!

Employer Contribution Walkthrough

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4. Within Step 4 of the quoting process, you're able to add your group's current plan, as well as mark their renewal plan. To see more in-depth information on this process, please click the link below!

Adding Current & Renewal Plans to Your Proposal

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5. Step 4 is also where you can adjust the order in which you'd like to see plans on your quote. Simply hover over a plan and click the down or up arrow to move it around. If you have a preferred way of seeing plans by default, you can set your default sort order by following the steps in this help center article.

6. Once you have completed your quote and are ready to view your proposal, click on one of the format options to begin generating your proposal. A small, spinning gear will indicate that our platform is working to create your proposal.

7. Once the gear disappears and you see an Excel logo, your proposal is ready for download. Simply click once more to download the proposal to your computer. For more information on the features of your proposal, click here!

*NOTE* Once you begin generating your proposal, it will continue to generate even if you leave the webpage. If you need to visit another page on the Benefix platform, the proposal will be available for you to download once you have returned.


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