Q: Do you save my quote even if I don't finish it?
A: YES! No matter where you are in the quoting flow, we will save your progress so you can finish at a later time. Just navigate to your "Quotes" page from your dashboard or sidebar menu, search for the quote you want to finish, and click the pencil icon to "Edit Quote" and pick back up where you left off!

Q: If I make a mistake within a quote, do I have to start over again with a new quote?
A: NO! Benefix is made for mistakes and moments of forgetfulness. We save your progress and make it easy for you to go backwards within the quoting flow to adjust details as needed.

Q: I forgot to add an SIC code when creating a new group. How do I add one in now?
A: Not a problem! We save the progress you've made within your quote. Simply click on the "Groups" page from your sidebar menu or dashboard, locate the group you wish to edit, and click the pencil icon to "Edit Group." 

See: How to Edit a Group's Information

Q: When will [Specific Carrier Name]'s quarter rates be available for quoting?
A: You can check which carrier rates are available for quoting by visiting our
Rate Status Updates section of the Help Center. This section breaks down available rates by each state and updates in real time as new carriers & rates become available.


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