With Benefix, you're able to quote and display UHC All Savers plans with rates in the following states:

  • California (CA)

  • Delaware (DE)

  • Maryland (MD)

  • New Jersey (NJ)

  • Ohio (OH)

  • Pennsylvania (PA)

  • Virginia (VA)

  • Wisconsin (WI)

  • West Virginia (WV)


Q: All Savers products require underwriting, where do your rates come from?

A: The All Savers rates on Benefix are direct from UHC's portal! These rates are calculated by a group's size, member level info, SIC code, and the default Stop Loss coverage from state to state.

Q: Why are All Savers products not showing up for my group?

A: To view All Savers products in Step 3, make sure you select the "Level-Funded Only" button within the filter options on the left-hand side.

Q: I have the Level-Funded Only filter selected, but I'm still not seeing All Savers.

A: All Savers plans have minimum requirements a group has to meet in order to qualify, as well as some ineligible SIC codes. See below:

Minimum Group Size Requirements by State: 

Ineligible SIC Code Ranges:


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