With Benefix, you're easily able to distinguish the correct county of residence for a group and/or any census members with an ambiguous zip code.

It's important to remember that the zip code of your group and any census members will determine their eligibility for certain carriers and plans. If you enter a zip code that lies within two counties, Benefix will prompt you to select the correct county of residence for your small group as shown below.

When using the Quick Add feature, Benefix will not accept a member with an ambiguous zip code in order to prevent eligibility issues. Instead, you'll want to either upload a census or manually add your members.

When manually adding members to your census, you'll receive this warning. Select the correct county to ensure eligibility information is correct for your member.

If you'd prefer to upload a census to Benefix, be sure to add the column header "county" and designate the correct county for each subscriber.


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