1. Customize your Account further by adding/adjusting your Medical Plan Sort Order:

  • Go to your Account Settings and click on "Edit Brokerage," then click "Edit Default Sort Order" to set the order in which Medical Plans appear during quote selection and on your Proposal:

*Note: For a full look on how to customize your sort order, click here!

2. Adjust a Current Plan's Effective Date at the Group level and Individual level:

  • Use the search bar under the " + Add Current Plan'" section to find your group's current plan, then simply click the Calendar Icon to adjust its Effective Date for the Group:
  • Click on the "Effective Dates" Calendar Icon under the Current Plan's premium amount to adjust Effective Dates at the Member Level. Helpful for newer employees and dependents who may have joined the plan later in the year.

*Note: For a full look at how to add a Current Plan to your quote, click here!

3. Ancillary products are easier to quote with our new Banner Filter:

  • Dental: View all possible plan options for dental products by switching between group and voluntary, PPO and DMO, and plans with or without Ortho coverage:
  • Vision: View all possible plan options for vision products by switching between group and voluntary:

4. Use Composite Rates in the Medical Contribution Calculator:

  • If Composite Rates are being used for your group, click the "Use Composite Rates?" checkbox to have the Employer Contribution reflect the proper contribution: 

5. Turn off Composite Rates for your Brokerage:

  • If Composite Rates are not relevant in your State, you can now hide them completely across the platform for your brokerage. Simply navigate to "Edit Brokerage" from your Account Menu and uncheck the corresponding "Show composite rates" checkbox:

6. Add your brokerage's contact information to your Proposal:

  • Fill out the contact information that you'd like to see on your Proposal in our updated Edit Brokerage section of your account:


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