1. Once you send the invite to your employee, the email they will receive will look like this:

2. Have them click "Sign In" to create a password and access their application in this window:

3. Then the employee fills out their personal information:

4. Next, they indicate their gender, enter their social security number, and indicate their Medicare enrollment and/or tobacco usage:

5. The next step is their household information. The first down arrow is for marital status and the second down arrow is for the number of dependents:

6. The employee then determines if they would like coverage or not — If they are waiving coverage skip to step 12 of this article:

7. If they choose to subscribe to the coverage, their next step would be to select who they would like to have covered. This window populates with choices based on their previously entered household information. Here they can also view a summary of the plan, the SBC, and what it will cost them:

8. Next, the employee will need to fill out information about their spouse/dependents if they are covering them:

9. Their final step is to confirm that all of their information is correct and then click "Confirm":

10. After the employee clicks "Confirm," they will be asked to review and accept the terms and conditions of the application and to e-sign:

11. After they click "Sign," they will see that they are finished

12. Continued from step 6 of this guide:
If the employee chooses to waive coverage from the employer, they will need to mark that they understand their choice and state the reason why they are waiving coverage:

13. After waiving coverage, they will need to sign-off on their decision through an e-signature

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