Step 4 of the quoting process is where you're able to set the buy-up or buy-down plan & enter your small group's employer contribution.


Choose to enter the employer contribution from the Employer's perspective (default) or Employee's perspective. Simply click on the blue underlined perspective type to toggle between the two options.

*NOTE* To learn more about the contribution models available to you, read our Employer Contribution article here.


When setting the buy-up or buy-down plan for your small group, you'll start by selecting the Option Group that contains the Buy-Up or Buy-Down plan the employer is basing their contribution off of. Choose the contribution model the employer is using for the base plan and enter in a percentage or dollar amount. Click “Update Medical Contribution” when you're finished.


Click on the remaining Option Group Tab and select “Buy-Up / Buy-Down" to bring up a drop down menu containing a list of the plans you selected for the other option group(s) within your quote. From the list of options, select the base plan, then click “Update Medical Contribution.”

Repeat this process for however many option groups you have within your quote. This process ensures that the employer is contributing a set amount for each member across every option group based on the rating of a single plan, and the employee is responsible for any remaining amount.


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