Step 4 of the quoting process is where you're able to set the base plan & enter your small group's employer contribution for medical, dental, & vision products. The contribution type can either be a percentage or fixed dollar amount per month.

When setting the base plan for your small group, you'll first click into an option group opposite of the one your base plan is in. Next, click the dropdown menu to pull up the plan options. Select the plan you'd like to set as your base plan, and then enter your employer contribution.

There are three models in which you can enter your contribution: either on a fixed, tiered, or member basis.

The fixed contribution model should be used when your small group’s employer is contributing the same amount for every member accepting coverage, regardless of member type. This means that a single employee with no dependents would receive the same contribution amount as a family with three children.

The tiered contribution model should be used when assigning different contribution amounts for employees and their members. In this scenario, you’re able to indicate different contribution amounts for each tier of coverage: an employee only, an employee with a spouse, an employee with a child, an employee with multiple children, and an employee with multiple family members.

The member contribution model is used when designating different contribution amounts for each type of member accepting coverage. In this case, employees, spouses, and dependents would all receive a different contribution amount.

If you’d like to use composite rates, simply check the “Use Composite Rates” box show below.


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