--1. Allow census import of dependents over 26

We added an additional optional column to the census upload template to allow the addition of a qualifier for dependents over the age of 26.

You can use these different inputs:

*You can also still add your dependents in the "edit census" page too - here's our help center article with more information*

--2. Updating census import to only allow our specific column headers

If you use a different column headers, our platform won't allow you to continue. Make sure your column headers match ours to ensure a proper upload of your census! (Check out our help center article for more information)

1. ID

2. date_of_birth

3. first_name

4. last_name

5. gender

6. zip_code

7. subscriber_relationship

8. status

9. coverage_tier

10. tobacco

11. eligibility_qualifier (optional)

12. option_group (only for multi-option quotes)

--3. Ineligible Subscriber Notifications
We updated our age-banded rate PDF to notify you of ineligible/OOA subscribers. We also added the notification at the bottom of the quote summary (step 4)

--4. *For custom proposals only (if applicable)*
We know a lot of our users are making updates in the quote summary page (step 4) like adding current plans and employer contributions. To streamline this process, we added the "generate custom proposal" button so you can generate your proposal when you're ready!

Interested in a custom proposal? 😁
Reach out to
[email protected] to find out more information!

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