Adding Your Current Plan

1. On Step 4 of the quoting process, go to the “+ Add Current Plan" section. This will give you the option to select your comparison plan.

2. Enter the plan name in the search bar and select your plan from the drop-down menu. Click "Add to Quote" and the current plan will be reflected in blue at the top of your plan options. The current plan will also appear in the first column of your proposal.

*NOTE* Once you add a current plan to your proposal, if Benefix detects the current plan's renewal plan within your quote, it will automatically mark it as the renewal plan. This plan will be highlighted in green and shown in the second column of your proposal.

Choosing Your Renewal Plan

To manually choose your renewal plan, hover over the desired plan and click the flag to assign your renewal plan.

If you want to remove a plan as the renewal, hover over the red flag icon to change it back to an alternate plan. You can then select a different plan as the renewal plan if needed.


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