1. In your dashboard, select “New Quote”

2. In the “Select Client” box, click on the blue button that says, “+ New Client”

3. Fill in your client’s information in the “Add Client” box and press "Save"

4. Select your effective date and fill in your quote name

5. Upload your census file (.csv "comma separated values" format) or use the "Quick Add" feature

6. You are now ready to "Select Disability Plans." The disability tab is your seventh tab at the top of your webpage. Add plans by selecting the box in the top right of the plan or by selecting “Add." Your plans will populate from lowest to highest monthly premium. Click "Next" when you are finished

7. The final step is the "Quote Summary" page where you can view, download and share your proposals. The proposal tabs will reflect:

-Short-term disability

-Lump sum disability

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