Benefix makes it incredibly simple and efficient to quote vision products for your small groups! In just a few simple steps, you can filter the plans you'd like to see, view rates, and add plans to your proposal!

Step 3 of the quoting process is where you will be able to select the vision plans you'd like included within your group's proposal. From the product option tabs at the top of the page, click on the Vision tab. Plans will automatically populate from lowest to highest monthly premium.

The banner filter at the top of the plan selection page allows you to switch between group & voluntary plans.

Along the left side of the page you can filter which plans are shown by exam copay, lens copay, frame allowance, and more.

When quoting vision plans, it’s important to remember that some carriers have a minimum group requirement that must be met in order to enroll. Some vision plans may also have a medical plan companion requirement. If you have any questions regarding these specific requirements, we recommend reaching out to your GA or carrier contact for more information.

For additional information on each individual plan, click the “i” button at the top left corner of each card for an expanded view of benefit highlights.

To view a plan’s rate breakdown, click on the blue monthly premium.

If the carrier provides a full summary of benefits, you can view this by clicking the “PDF” button located on each plan.

Add plans to your proposal by selecting the checkbox in the top right of the plan or by selecting the blue “Add" button at the bottom of the baseball card view. Click "Next" when you are finished.

The final step of the quoting process is the quote summary. Here you're able to verify your quote details, indicate employer contributions, and generate your proposal.


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