If you would like to see your plans reflected in a certain order on your proposal, follow these steps to set your default sort order!

1. To set your permanent sorting, click on "Your Information"

2. Click on "Edit Brokerage"

3. Click on "Edit Your Default Sort Order"

4. In this window, you can select exactly how you would like to see the sorting of your plans in your proposal. The sorting goes in levels of priority so make the most important sorting option as your #1 priority and so on.

5. If you want to delete a sort selection, just hover over it and click on the trash can

If you want to sort just a specific quote, here is how you do it:

1. On the quote summary page, scroll down to the bottom of the webpage where all of your plans are listed. Hover over the plan you would like to move and click the "Up" or "Down" arrow to move.

2. Once you move the plan, there will now be a "lock" next to the plan

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