The fifth item on the Enrollment Checklist is the "Collect E-Signatures" feature. Benefix makes e-signing documents simple by allowing yourself or a group admin(s) to sign all required documents at once.

To save you time, Benefix only requires that you sign all relevant documents at one time. As the group application, employee applications, and tax documents are completed, the total number of required signatures from both yourself and/or a group admin will reflect on your enrollment checklist.

Once the "Collect E-Signatures" item on the checklist is no longer grayed out, all required documents are ready for you to sign. Start by clicking on "Collect E-Signatures" from the enrollment checklist to bring you to the signature portal. Here, you’ll be able to review and sign all relevant applications and/or documents.

Depending on the carrier and their required materials, your group's policymaker and/or group admin may also be responsible for signing certain documents by following the same steps shown above.

*NOTE* The "Collect E-Signatures" feature will be grayed out until all required documents are ready to be signed by the group admin.

Once you have completed all of the required signatures, you will be taken back to your enrollment dashboard and the number of completed signatures will update on your enrollment checklist.

Once all signatures have been completed by yourself and/or the group admin, you are ready to enroll the group!


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