1. From the Enrollment window, click the "Submission Settings" button to configure how your group's enrollment will be submitted:

2. Select your submission preference

Submit By Email - Two email options are available:

  • Submit to the Carrier allows you to enroll your group by emailing the Carrier directly:

Current Carrier Capabilities: 

  • Capital Blue Cross: Enrollment can be submitted directly to the carrier via email
  • Highmark BLUE Shield: Enrollment can be submitted directly to the carrier via email
  • UPMC: Benefix can auto-generate the UPMC specific enrollment spreadsheet and this can be used to upload on UPMC's website
  • Independence Blue Cross: All forms can be auto-generated and populated to be submitted to IBX on your own

NOTE: if your subscription is under a GA this will auto-default to being submitted to your GA first

  • Submit to an Outside Entity allows you to email your enrollment documentation to your General Agency or any other particular inbox:

NOTE: If your subscription is paid for by a General Agency, your enrollment forms will be submitted to your GA first via email

Submit Manually - allows you to download the enrollment packet, and submit your enrollment group outside of benefix:

3. Click the "confirm" button to save your submission preference.

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