The third item on your enrollment checklist is the Employee Applications. Here, the "Invite Employees" feature allows the Broker OR the Group Admin to send emails to the group's employees inviting them to fill out their enrollment application online.

1. Click on the "Employee Applications" section of your checklist.

2. Click "Invite Employees."

3. Fill out each employee's email, date of hire, job title, and hours worked per week, then click "Send Invitation(s)."

You can edit an employee's email address or resend their invitation in this window after the initial invitation is sent:

4. Once the employees are invited, the status of each employee's progress is indicated next to their name with a progress tracker. The following is an example of each possible employee application status:

Back on your Enrollment Checklist, you will see a real-time update of each employee's progress:

5. Once you send the invite to your employee, the email they receive asking them to sign in looks like this:

6. You can also download and upload paper applications for each employee. Just click the "manage" button next to the employee's name, and then select either the "Download Template" button or "Upload" button.

7. Once your employees have finished filling out their applications, you can view their plan comparison table by clicking "View Plan Comparison Tables."

This is what the comparison table looks like:

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