The "Invite Employees" feature is your third step on the Enrollment Checklist! Here, you or the group admin(s) can send emails or texts to the group's employees inviting them to fill out their enrollment application online.

*NOTE* The employer contributions and eligible employment statuses must be confirmed before you can begin inviting the employees to complete their applications.

First, click "Employee Applications" from the checklist in order to bring up the list of employees, and then click the blue "Invite Employees" button. You can send invites to all employees by email or text. Each carrier will require certain information in order to send employee invitations - typically the employee's email, date of hire, job title, and hours worked per week. Fill this information out for each employee, then click "Send Invitations."

The employees will receive an email invitation to complete their enrollment application through Benefix. By clicking the blue "Sign In" button, they will be taken to a secure webpage where they will create a password in order to access and complete their application.

*NOTE* If an employee's initial invitation has been sent but they haven't begun filling out their application just yet, you can easily edit their email address or resend their invitation from the "Invite Employees" window.

Once the employees have been invited, the status of each employee's progress is indicated next to their name with a progress tracker. The status tracker will indicate whether or not they've accepted their invitation, started or completed their application, and also show if any signatures are required for their application.

Back on your Enrollment Checklist, you will also see a real-time update of completed invitations and employee applications. Once all of the employee applications have been completed, you're almost ready to submit your group's enrollment!


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