With Benefix, you're easily able to edit the census within any of your existing quotes.

First, click on "Quotes" from either your dashboard or your sidebar menu and find the quote for which you'd like to edit census information. Click on the pencil icon labeled "Edit Quote," and then click Next to move to Step 2.

In Step 2, click on any one of your census members to open up the edit window. Within this window, you're easily able to edit or add additional information for that census member. Be sure to hit the blue "Save" button at the bottom of the window when you're finished!

You're also able to add or delete census members within Step 2 of the quoting process. To manually add a member to your census, start by clicking the "+Employee" button. To add a spouse and/or any dependents a subscriber may have, repeat the process by clicking the "+Spouse/Domestic Partner" and "+Dependent" buttons respectively.

To delete a member from your census, simply hover over their name within the census list and click the trash can icon on the right-hand side.


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