Benefix makes it incredibly simple and efficient to digitally enroll your small groups! In just a few steps, you're able to begin your enrollment, confirm your plans & contributions, invite the group admin and employees, and complete all of the necessary documents.

Getting Started

Once your small group has finalized their plan elections and employer contribution, head to Step 4 of their quote. Here, you'll hover over the plans your group would like to enroll in and click the "Enroll" checkbox. Once all of the desired plans have been selected, click "Enroll Now."

This takes you to your Enrollment Portal. The first section you'll see on your portal is labeled "Important Dates." Here, you can easily view or edit your open enrollment start and end dates, as well as view your group's effective date.

The next section on your enrollment portal is labeled "To Enroll." Here, you’ll see a brief summary of your small group's plan selection(s), including product type, carrier, and product name. In this section, you can also edit and confirm your small group's Employer Contribution and Eligible Employment Statuses.

*NOTE* The employer contributions and eligible employment statuses must be confirmed before you can invite employees to the enrollment.

Enrollment Checklist

The main section of your enrollment portal is the "Enrollment Checklist," which is your go-to place for everything regarding your group's enrollment. This checklist updates in real-time as you and your group progress through the application steps. View which steps of the enrollment are complete with the color coded circles next to each checklist item.

  • A blank progress tracker indicates that the item has not been started.

  • An orange progress tracker indicates that the item has been started, but has not been completed.

  • A green progress tracker indicates that the item is complete!

1. The first item on the checklist is the "Invite Employer Group Admin", where you can send the employer an invitation to their own enrollment portal. They can fill out and e-sign the group application, as well as invite, review, and e-sign employee applications. Check out this help center article for a more in-depth look at how to complete this step.

2. The second item on the checklist is the "Group Application". The group application can easily be filled out by yourself, the group admin(s), or a combination of the two. Be sure that either yourself or the group admin(s) click "Save" at the bottom of the application each time you've entered new information.

Each time the group application is saved, the number of completed fields will update on your enrollment checklist. To see which fields on the group application still need your attention, click the "Highlight Incomplete Fields" button at the bottom of the application to highlight these fields in red.

3. The next item on the Checklist is the "Employee Applications" section. Once the employer contributions and employment statuses have been confirmed, you or the group admin(s) can invite the employees to digitally complete their application via email or text. Upon receiving their invitation, the employees will fill out a short questionnaire with basic personal and health information, choose their coverage elections, and e-sign their application. Here is where you can generate Employee Worksheets if desired. Read more about how to invite the employees here.

4. The fourth item on the Enrollment Checklist is the "Additional Documents" section, where you or the group admin(s) will upload any additional documents relevant to your group's enrollment. Some carriers require you to include certain documents, such as Proof of Ownership or a UC-2, while others are optional or conditional based on the plan elections. Read more about how to upload these documents here.

5. The fifth item on the Checklist is the "Collect E-Signatures" feature. Benefix makes e-signing documents simple by allowing you or the group admin(s) to sign all required documents at one time. You can read more about our e-signature feature here.

6. The final item on the Enrollment Checklist is to "Enroll the group!" Here, you are able to track your progress at any point during the enrollment. This section of your enrollment is where you can download any individual documents or the completed packet. Once your enrollment has been completed, you can submit the completed enrollment to either your general agency or directly to the carrier.

Congratulations on completing your enrollment with Benefix - it truly is that simple!


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