1. In Step 4 of the benefix quoting process, click the checkbox next to the product your group is choosing for enrollment, then click the "Enroll Now" button:

2. This takes you to your Enrollment page. At the top of this page, there is a section labeled "To Enroll" where you can review/adjust the employer contribution:

Below the "To Enroll" section is your "Enrollment Checklist" — your "go-to" place for everything regarding your enrollment group. This checklist updates in real time as you and your group progress through the application steps:

3. The first item on the checklist is the "Invite Employer Group Admin" feature — check out our help center article for a more in-depth look at how to utilize this feature:

Once you've invited the Employer Group Admin, your checklist will update and mark the task as "done" by showing a green checkmark:

4. The second item on the checklist is the group application.
There are two ways to fill it out:

-  Invite the Employer Group Admin to their portal to fill out the application on their own


-  Do it yourself! This guided application is simple to navigate and only takes a short amount of time to fill out.

Back in the Enrollment Checklist view, the status updates as you or the Employer Group Admin fill out the application:

At any point, while completing the application, progress can be saved by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the "save" button — allowing you or the Employer Group Admin to finish at a later time:

You can also click the "highlight incomplete fields" button at the bottom of the screen to indicate which parts of the application are left to be completed. These portions show up in red:

5. Once the group application has been completely filled out, both you and Employer Group Admin can now e-sign it! Both you and the Group Admin can do this by scrolling to the bottom of the group application and clicking the "sign" button:

Clicking this button it will bring up the signature pad and the option to review the form, accept the terms and conditions of the application, then sign:

Once the Employer Group Admin has signed, you will see in the checklist view that the group application status will now say "Signed by Group Admin."

NOTE: If you go back into the group application to make any edits after it has been signed, you will get a warning message. If you must make changes, this will void the first signatures and the application will need to be signed again:

6. Item three on the Enrollment Checklist is the "Employee Applications." 

There are two ways to fill these out:

- The Employer Group Admin can invite the employees to their own benefix portal to fill out the application on their own — check out our help center article to learn how to utilize this feature.


- Do it yourself! Click on "Employee Applications," which takes you to the group's employee list. From this view, you can make adjustments to the census through the options above the employee list. Invite employees to complete their application by clicking "Invite Employees":

You can also click on "manage" next to the employee's name which drops down the option to download or upload their application:

7. The fourth step in the Enrollment Checklist is where you can upload any additional documents relevant to the application:

8. Once you have completed your checklist, you can now "Enroll the group!"

9. Your final step is to download all of your completed enrollment documents and send them directly to the carrier or to your general agency!

For a more in-depth guide for this step, check our submission options article.

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