The "Invite Employer Group Admin" feature is your first item on the Enrollment Checklist! Here, you can send the employer an invitation to their own enrollment portal where they can fill out and e-sign the group application, as well as invite, review, and e-sign employee applications.

First, click "Send Invite" from the checklist and fill in the employer group admin's name and email address. Next, indicate whether or not the group admin is also the primary contact, policy maker, and billing contact by using the corresponding checkboxes. Once you've completed this information, click "Send Invitation."

The Employer Group Admin will then receive an email invitation to access their group's enrollment through Benefix. By clicking the blue "Sign In" button, they will be taken to a secure webpage where they will create a password in order to access their enrollment.

The employer group admin's enrollment dashboard will look similar to the broker portal. Here, they will be able to track their group's enrollment progress and complete key tasks, such as finalizing any group application details, inviting employees to complete their application, uploading additional documents, and e-signing any required group or employee applications.


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