1. In order to quote multiple options, check the multi-option box in Step 1 and select how many options you would like.

2. On step 2, there are two options to add subscribers and members to your quote:

  1. Upload your census file via our upload feature.

2. Use our "quick add" feature to add individual members.


If you are quoting in New York, you can use our "quick add" for group size.

3. Different product option tabs are available at the top of the page. Click between the tabs to see the different plans that are available, and add plans by selecting the box in the top right of the plan or by selecting “Add."

Click between "Option 1" and "Option 2" to select plans for each group. Click "Next" when you are finished.

4. The final step is the "Quote Summary" page where you can view, download and share your proposals. At the bottom of your web-page, you will see both options, as well as the plans selected for each.

5. In your proposal, there is a tab for each medical option (brief and full).

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