Download our census template here!

Enter your census data into the template by following the format outlined below following by the acceptable value options (if the column headers do not match, the census will not upload!):

  1. ID 

-we use this number to connect subscriber with their members. In the example above, the "Doe Family" all have the same "ID" number

 2. date_of_birth
-yyyy-mm-dd, yyyy/mm/dd, mm/dd/yyyy, mm-dd-yyyy, mm/dd/yy and mm-dd-yy

3. first_name
-put their first name in this column

4. last_name
-put their last name in this column

5. gender
-male or M
-female or F

6. zip_code
-put their zip code here

7. subscriber_relationship
-subscriber, employee, E, EE
-spouse, wife, husband, domestic partner, H, W, SP
-dependent, child, D, C, CH

8. status
-full-time, full_time, full time, FT
-part-time, part_time, part time, PT

9. coverage_tier

-EE, Employee, Employee Only
-ES, EE-S, EES, Employee Spouse, Employee + Spouse, Employee & Spouse, Employee and Spouse
-EC, EE-CH, EECH, Employee Child, Employee + Child, Employee & Child, Employee and Child
-ECN, EE-CN, EECN, Employee Children, Employee + Children, Employee & Children, Employee and Children
-F, EF, EE-F, EEF, Family, Employee Family, Employee + Family
W, Waiver, Waiving

10. tobacco

-Yes, Y, True, 1
-No, N, False, 0

11. eligibility_qualifier: this is an optional column if you have a dependent over the age of 25.

-Student, S
-Disabled, Handicapped, D, H
-Other, Act 4

12. option_group
-Depending upon how many options you are providing your group, put the option number the subscriber is selecting here

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