Download our census template here!

Enter your census data into the template by following the format outlined below following by the acceptable value options:

  1. ID 

-we use this number to connect subscriber with their members. In the example above, the "Doe Family" all have the same "ID" number

 2. date_of_birth
-yyyy-mm-dd, yyyy/mm/dd, mm/dd/yyyy, mm-dd-yyyy, mm/dd/yy and mm-dd-yy

3. first_name
-put their first name in this column

4. last_name
-put their last name in this column

5. gender
-male or M
-female or F

6. zip_code
-put their zip code here

7. subscriber_relationship
-subscriber, employee, E, EE
-spouse, wife, husband, domestic partner, H, W, SP
-dependent, child, D, C, CH

8. status
-full-time, full_time, full time, FT
-part-time, part_time, part time, PT

9. coverage_tier

-EE, Employee, Employee Only
-ES, EE-S, EES, Employee Spouse, Employee + Spouse, Employee & Spouse, Employee and Spouse
-EC, EE-CH, EECH, Employee Child, Employee + Child, Employee & Child, Employee and Child
-ECN, EE-CN, EECN, Employee Children, Employee + Children, Employee & Children, Employee and Children
-F, EF, EE-F, EEF, Family, Employee Family, Employee + Family
W, Waiver, Waiving

10. tobacco

-Yes, Y, True, 1
-No, N, False, 0

11. eligibility_qualifier: this is an optional column if you have a dependent over the age of 25.

-Student, S
-Disabled, Handicapped, D, H
-Other, Act 4

12. option_group
-Depending upon how many options you are providing your group, put the option number the subscriber is selecting here

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